Dr. Feelgood

Brandon says: It’s Dr. Feelgood. The evil Dr. Feelgood. I mean, the nice Dr. Feelgood. I went to him once. I had the flu. When I came out, I had the bird flu. I think he does tests on people to see what makes them sick and he makes them sick. One day, I was sick. I just woke up to the words, “Dr. Feelgood!” on the phone. I knew then I had to get better — and fast. But, I didn’t. I ended up with an uncommon cold.
Editor’s note: The foregoing is Brandon’s comment on the above picture. No one actually contracted the bird flu nor an uncommon cold in the making of this post.

2 Responses

  1. I think I need to visit Dr. Feelgood. Aunt Leslie has the flu! I have actually encountered a Dr. Goodfriend during an Orange Park Medical Center Emergency room visit with Mr. Phillips. He lived up to his name and took good care of us!

  2. Uncle Brent needs a visit from Dr. Feelgood. He has been sick with the flu since Christmas. Does he make housecalls?

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