Sick Day . . . Again

It’s official . . . Brandon has strep throat. He’s missed several school days already this quarter due to fever. Now he may even miss his violin recital on Wednesday. (I don’t think he’s really too heartbroken over that OR missing school.)

Other than that, no other news. We had a very quiet weekend — no shopping. Well, no old-fashioned shopping. I bought almost all of the boys’ Christmas gifts online over the weekend.

The Internet is wonderful — where else can you shop in your pajamas at 11:00 at night? Well, other than Wal-Mart . . . I mean, who wants to be at a Wal-Mart at 11:00 at night? Believe me, I’ve seen people in their pajamas at Wal-Mart before. And worse. [Insert your favorite Wal-Mart/Redneck joke here.]


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