Random Update

You may be seeing the news stories about St. Louis in the past few days — 300,000 without power, etc. Fortunately, we have electricity and the ice is starting to melt away. We still have quite a bit of ice covering our yard, but the roads are relatively clear and dry. Since we still have ice in the yard, Binki has refused to go in the yard to do her “business” (if you know what I mean), so she’s elected to adopt our back deck as her new “area.” I guess I should just be glad she’s not using the dining room floor to answer the call of nature.

I have a friend who is still without power — her neighborhood lost a utility pole to the ice storm and the electric company tells her they don’t have any replacement poles right now. It is times like this where you realize just how dependent we are on electricity. One night without electricity is okay — it’s almost like camping — but after more than 24 hours, it really becomes a problem.

Other than that, there’s not much going on. I can’t believe there’s only 19 more shopping days until Christmas! I’m totally NOT prepared. I guess this weekend I need to get serious if I’m going to get gifts and get them in the mail. Or maybe I’ll order stuff off the internet and not even have to change out of my pajamas. I like that idea better.


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