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This Weekend We . . .

1. Put up the Christmas tree.
2. Discovered our old house has no outside electrical outlets. (How are we going to put up Christmas lights? And the animated, lighted wire reindeer I was planning on buying? And the animated Santa Claus? And the animated Christmas Yeti?)

Nothing says “merry Christmas” like a Yeti!

3. Did all of the laundry.
4. Discovered new, exciting dishes for leftover turkey. (Turkey quiche, turkey tetrazini . . .)
5. Did absolutely no Christmas shopping.
6. Finally got over the “black throat” or mystery fever or whichever plague has been, well, plaguing us.
7. Watched all of Season 3 of Arrested Development. I miss that show.
8. Ordered our picture Christmas cards and prints of this summer’s beach pictures.
9. Took Matthew to his first movie theater experience — to see “Happy Feet.” Cute movie (for kids), great music. He wanted to leave about halfway through. And he sat in my lap the entire time. From an adult perspective, if you saw this movie (and have a conscience) you would want to run out immediately and join an extreme environmentalist group in order to save the adorable, singing, dancing penguins from our selfish, environment polluting ways. See also, My Previous Rant on Global Warming.
10. Discovered that gooey pumpkin cake is still delicious (even if I did burn the crust) if we scraped off the burned part. I can feel my arteries clogging just thinking about the gooey goodness.


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  1. There is the solar powered yeti option. Although, you could use the 12 volt power option tied to a battery system. But if one is a certified tree hugger, the windpowered generator would be the top vote getter this Christmas. Love your blog!

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