How Southern Are Y’all?

I was born in Georgia, went to high school in Florida, college in Alabama, moved to Oklahoma and have ended up in St. Louis. According to this test, I’m 91% Dixie.


6 Responses

  1. I’ve got you beat! I’m 92%Dixie.

  2. Well, I have lived in the midwest for a few years. And I occasionally slip and say “pop” instead of “coke.”

  3. Are you saying that ya’ll are “Dixie Chicks”?


  4. 74% for me!

  5. 60% Dixie.Well under the Mason-Dixon Line

    Grew up in Idaho, Oregon and California now live in Oklahoma. Lived in Georgia for only a year so I am not sure how valid the test is when a fur westerner can score so high. hmmm thoughts to ponder, thoughts to ponder


  6. “45% Dixie. Barely in Yankeedom.” Odd, considering I’ve never lived east of Colorado (except for the 6 months I lived in Wales, UK). And, no, I do not count living in Arizona as living in the South. Southwest, yes.

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