Florida Bound

We leave for Florida tomorrow to visit my family and greet our newest little nephew, Grant. This morning I was going over the travel details with Brandon and mentioned that we were flying out of a different airport than usual. The conversation then went like this:

Brandon: Why are we flying out of a different airport?

Me: Because it costs a boatload of money for all four of us to fly to Florida, and I found cheaper tickets and a rental car at a different airport and saved a lot of money.

Brandon: How did you save money?

Me: ‘Cause it’s kind of a budget airline. They don’t have a lot of extras, so it’s cheaper to fly.

Brandon: What do you mean ‘extras?’ Like seatbelts and oxygen masks?

Me: Yes, Brandon, like seatbelts and oxygen masks.


2 Responses

  1. Have fun in Florida!

  2. That sounds like something my niece would say! Kids will be kids. 🙂

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