The Toddler Diet is WEIRD

Traditionally (since Chris works late on Monday nights) we have soup and sandwiches for dinner. Brandon loves “my” chicken noodle soup (thanks, Campbells!) and Matthew usually eats a PB&J or grilled cheese with some variety of fruit on the side.

Tonight, the three of us were surveying the pantry for Mama’s chicken noodle soup and Matthew spied exactly what he wanted to have for dinner: a can of black olives. Black olives . . . fruit, right? Vegetable? So I gave him some black olives. In fact, all he had for dinner was black olives. Half of a large can of black olives. And a Capri Sun. I tried to get him to have some soup, but to no avail.

Later on, he wanted a sandwich . . . a mayonnaise sandwich. Nothing else on it, no cheese, no turkey, nothing . . . just mayo. He ate every bit of it. But Monday nights are more relaxed, kind of a free-for-all dinner experience, so I don’t feel so bad letting him pick his dinner one night a week. Within limits, that is.


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