Oh, By The Way . . .

If you’re in Missouri, or if you follow politics closely, you’ll know that there are a few heated races/issues coming up in November.

One of which is a Senate seat currently held by Republican Jim Talent. This is one of the coveted Republican holdings that’s up for grabs in a few weeks, and with the Foley scandal problem issue, the Republicans NEED this seat. I recently watched a Talent/McCaskill debate. I’ve made up my mind who I am going to vote for — the one who didn’t repeatedly call this state “Missoura.” After about the sixth time he said “Missoura” I wanted to rip off my ears and throw them at the television screen. I’m voting for McCaskill just because she didn’t say “Missoura.” Just kidding But not really.

Another major issue is an amendment to Missouri’s constitution concerning stem cell research. Whatever your view on it, please, please, please find reputable information on this issue before voting. There’s so much floating around out there that’s just plain wrong. Women will NOT be selling their eggs for money and dying for stem cell research. We will not be funding cloning. Yes, it changes the Missouri constitution — that’s what an amendment is! We will still be subject to the federal government limitations on stem cell research. A lot of the anti-stem cell research stuff makes claims like these, yet doesn’t state anything to back them up. Look for facts, not allegations. It’s a difficult topic to decide on — but in the end, you need to make your mind up based on facts.

Oh, there’s so much more I could go into, but I’m tired and you’re probably bored, so I’ll stop here.


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