My Brain is Frazzled, Or Things I’ve Actually Said Today

  1. Matthew, just don’t fall over the side. (I should have said, Matthew get off the banister.)
  2. Is this . . . pee? On your . . . pajamas? Why?
  3. Matthew only gets in the cage when he wants to.
  4. Lincoln Logs are a fire hazard.
  5. I wonder if these are treated in arsenic. (Refering to Lincoln Logs.)
  6. Daddy’s gone all Dog Whisperer on us.
  7. Back in the day, we couldn’t save our games on Mario Brothers. You started playing, and you had to either finish or die.
  8. There will be no television, no computers, no i-pod, no DS, no game cube . . . it will be all “Little House on the Prairie” around here! (Threatening the children. They have no idea what “Little House on the Prairie” is. I also have to give Random Husband credit props for the analogy of the “Little House.”)
  9. I’ve mislocated that file.

What is happening to my brain? Synapses are not firing. Maybe they’ve mislocated their signal receptors.


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