Yep, He’s Male . . .

I drove up to daycare this afternoon and immediately saw Matthew, standing at the fence, watching people unload a big rig moving truck across the street from the playground. He called to me, “Mama! Do you see the big truck?” As if I could miss it — it was nearly blocking my way into the parking lot. He just stood there, mystified and awestruck that such a big truck was so close.

In the car on the way home, he made “truck noises” including the sound the air brakes made and the backing up beep, beep, beep.

Once we got home, he helped me carry the recycle bin from the curb to its designated place on our back porch. Somehow, it had cracked and Matthew immediately spotted this defect. He said, “Mama! The box is broken! We need tape!” I can only imagine that he meant duct tape . . . due to his Y chromosome. (You may not know, but the Y chromosome carries with it a dominant duct tape gene. He just can’t help it. It’s genetic.)


One Response

  1. Oh yeah, it’s a “guy thing”. Why do you think guys like the Red Green Show so much? Just wait until he starts using duct tape to fix cars, protect books, and/or close wounds. (I have done all three on many occassions!)

    Oh, and by the way of fair warning, at some point he will switch from making truck noises to motorcycle noises. And that one never ends – my 50+ year old father still does it!

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