Toddler Term of the Week: Corn Dog

Matthew has used the term “corn dog” in the following ways lately:

“Look, Mama! A corn dog!” (Pointing to an acorn on the ground.)

“Get out of my way, you corn dog!” (Telling Binki to, well, get out of his way.)

“That’s a corn dog (a rock), that’s a corn dog (a tree), and that’s a corn dog (his brother).”

“Corn dog!” (A phrase of general frustration and anger, carefully calculated so that he won’t get in trouble for saying something ugly.)

“Mama, Brandon’s a corn dog!” (Informing me that Brandon has done something to anger Matthew.)


2 Responses

  1. LOL!

    I will try to visit your little corn dog tomorrow at the YMCA.

    Could he be any cuter?

  2. Matthew;s aunt L used to love to eat corn dogs. She would mix mustard, ketchup and sugar and dip them in the mixture. Um um good.


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