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Exotic Animal Verification

Drove down to Cape Girardeau today for a mediation, which was very successful. Both the driving and the mediating. The leaves were absolutely gorgeous, which made the trip not so boring.

(Note: see yesterday’s post or the rest of this post will make no sense.)

I did see the camel; he does exist. He was in a pen with a goat. And possibly a kangaroo, but I was driving too fast to make sure I really saw a kangaroo. So, my task on the next trip to Cape Girardeau is to verify the existence of alleged kangaroo and any other exotic animal that might be habitating down in Cape Girardeau.

I think the verification of the camel’s existence is proof of my sanity, but the fact that I now believe there’s another exotic animal down there makes my being completely sane questionable. Also the fact that I’ve actually considered taking my digital camera for evidence of the camel’s existence makes being completely sane a little bit of a stretch.

Post-script: After doing a cursory Google search, there seems to be a news story that says a guy in Cape Girardeau owns a camel ranch and other exotic animals. So, I’m not losing my mind after all, thank you very much. I was getting worried there for a minute.


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  1. Then there is the story of the elusive Florida Jack-a-lope and the Alabama Wampus Cat. Beware of Southern folklore.

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