Fashion Police

Today I saw two fashion trends that have just repeatedly grated on my nerves like fingernails down a chalkboard. First: formal shorts. Shorts are not formal, people! Unless you are a cute two year old wearing a sailor outfit, shorts SHOULD NOT be worn at formal occasions. The formal shorts were spotted outside the federal courthouse and I hope that the formal shorts were not in a courtroom today, because shorts are not dress clothes or business attire! (Kind of like winter capri pants and boots . . . another fashion pet peeve.)

The second, more insidious fashion trend is the jogging-type pants with words on the butt. You may remember a few years ago a very popular trend popping up: velour pants with wording, usually the name brand, on the butt. I’m sure your mother didn’t teach you this specifically (having never anticipating this particular trend) but IF the word “Abercrombie” can fit across your butt, then you may not want to emphasize that body part. Are the pants comfy? Most likely. Wear them around the house? You bet. Just don’t wear them in public. Please. Even if you are a size 2.


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  1. agreed….. again.

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