Potty Training

Matthew is now three years old and up until recently has been resistant to our attempts to potty train him. He even got “held back” at daycare because he was not quite ready to embrace cloth underwear. However, I think holding him back in his class actually facilitated his new interest in bodily functions. Maybe being one of the oldest in class has brought forth a leadership quality in him and one day he’ll be president. Or potty trained. He’s bound to be either one.

Anyway, Matthew has been regularly announcing the “call of nature” and we’ve been dropping whatever we’re doing to rush to the bathroom. After pottying is completed, whether successful or not, we rejoice.

We did have a few mishaps, when Matthew decided to relieve himself outside, but I made it clear that we were supposed to use the bathroom, not drop his drawers whenever he felt the urge. I evidently did not specify not to use the rug, because a few days later, he did. I then took it upon myself to specify many, many things we were not to pee on, including furniture, animals, floors, walls and ceilings. Hopefully this tidbit of wisdom will stick with him. All in all, potty training is progressing nicely, if not slowly, but hopefully by the time we start preparing him for the ACT he’ll be completely out of Pull-Ups.


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  1. Good luck. We had a major set back when Cullen changed daycares. He is now back to doing great. Hopefully this time will work!

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