A couple of weeks ago, we had Binki groomed at our local pet-mega-store-extravaganza. Binki doesn’t like to be groomed, but she was shedding black balls of fluff all over the house, so we had to do something before they started blowing through the house like balls of dog fur tumbleweed.

While she was there, the groomer said, “I found a flea on her, do you want me to dip her?” (You know, dip her in poison to kill the fleas.) So we said, sure, figuring she picked up a flea at said pet-mega-store-extravaganza and wanting to avoid a flea infestation.

We now have a flea infestation.

How did this happen? Binki has been blissfully flee-free for the vast majority of her life. That might have to do with the 12 tons of diazinon that Chris sprinkled in our yard in Shawnee. We did not have bug problems for YEARS after that. In fact, there weren’t ANY bugs in our lawn. EVER.

So imagine our surprise when Binki comes home from the groomers, supposedly flea-dipped, and starts scratching. For days she scratched, and I thought, “Man, she sure is scratching a lot.” OK, so I didn’t put two and two together until Chris found a flea on him one day. We immediately went out to pet-mega-mart-extravaganza and bought doggie flea spray and that liquid you pour on the dog’s back that supposed to repel fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Binki has been flea free since.

However, we haven’t. The fleas keep popping up. I bought $60 worth of flea killer last weekend. I doused the house in poison, hoping to kill the fleas. We still have some fleas. We have reapplied the poison. Still, there are fleas. Why won’t they die? Where is good ol’ diazinon when you need it?

If this second application doesn’t work by tomorrow, I am bombing the house this weekend. Maybe that will kill all the stupid fleas.

Brandon did bring up a good point: since moving into this house, we have had the following:

Freaky looking crickets in the basement
Onslaught of ants in the kitchen (thankfully short lived)
Weird weekend of multiple fly sightings (also thankfully short lived)
An occasional yellow jacket (always found dead, strangely)
Power outage lasting two days (darkness)
And now fleas

He thinks we are being plagued like the Egyptians. Very funny, I told him, very funny.


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