Blogging in the Closet

We’ve finally (almost) finished the ‘boys suite’ and have moved our office into our new walk in closet-room. So, I’ll be blogging in our closet from now on.

The boys’ rooms have a little more decorating left to do, but the toys, furniture and audio/video equipment are all in place now. Brandon is equipped to start the school year out with a functional homework space and Matthew has a kid-safe room to play with all of his toys. Well, as kid-safe as we can make it — Matthew is a miniature demolition expert. Today, I didn’t get to the mail in time and he had ripped open a couple of envelopes and distributed their contents about the living room. Luckily, it was all junk mail.

Now, if I can just find that USB cord, I’ll post pictures . . .


2 Responses

  1. Have you met Tom Cruise in there yet?

    Random Husband

  2. Tom Cruise in the closet . . .

    Nope, he’s not in this closet!

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