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Weekend Update

We had a super busy weekend. Saturday, Chris had a fund-raising golf tournament and came home sunburned, hot and tired. The golf tournament was a success, although Chris reports his playing was not so successful. He did report the temperature on the golf course to be 110 degrees. That’s some dedicated golf playing. I can’t think of much I want to do when it’s 110 degrees.

A few nights ago, we watched the Bill Cosby comedy special – you know, the one from the early 80s where he describes his wife’s conniption fit and the airplane ride with the kid named Jeffrey. After my grocery store trip with the boys on Saturday, I very nearly had my own conniption fit. Matthew would not stay in the shopping cart. At all. He thought it was funny, but aisle after aisle, I was getting very angry. Since it is now politically incorrect to beat your kids in the supermarket, I was relegated to verbally reminding him (through clenched jaw) to remain seated at all times and to keep his hands to himself. By the time we got back to the car, I was no longer speaking coherent English. Brandon realized that my anger level had reached dangerous levels, and was attempting to defuse the situation and communicate to his little brother the imminent danger he faced. The car ride back home was very quiet. Matthew, all the time, was oblivious to the fact that he was flirting with danger (or maybe he completely understands and is an adrenaline junkie). I would like to report that Matthew is safe, my anger has subsided and no children were harmed during this sequence of events. I sent Matthew upstairs while I unloaded the groceries, and by the time I had finished, I had cooled off.

We also had some very close friends stop by and spend the night on their way home to Oklahoma. Brandon had a great time playing with Annie and Ethan, and Matthew tried his best to be a big boy and play, too. We really enjoyed seeing Garry and Janet again and we all stayed up way late visiting.

Not too much else going on here, and since we stayed up past midnight last night (which is pretty late for me), I’m going to bed.


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