Proof That We Watched WAY Too Much ‘American Idol’

The other day, the Ford commercial featuring Taylor Hicks came on the television. Matthew, very nonchalantly stated, “That’s Taylor.”



5 Responses

  1. How people can dedicate that much time to a ripped of television show is beyond me. It was originally a British show called “Pop Idol.” I saw 5 minutes of it when I was there (in my own defense, I was walking into a pub at the time and they had it on) – and it sucked then, too.

  2. In fairness, we Americans are 10 to 20 years behind the Brits in TV sophistication. I STILL roll in the floor at Monty Python. It, Jolt Cola, and Ramen Noodles are the only things than sustained me through undergrad studies. Ah, for one more Jolt Cola-induced fit of cornholio (see Beavis & Butthead)!

  3. Finally, I know someone else who was glued to American Idol. There is no shame in it…we all need to escape from reality once in a while!

    By the way, I wish Chris had won… but Taylor was a better choice over Katherine.

  4. Oh, I agree about British TV being better (in general – I maintain that Pop/American Idol sucks regardless of which country it’s in, but that’s just me). Whenever I can, I make sure to catch Python and Benny Hill on BBC America. Alright, if you’re a British TV fan, Chris, maybe you can help me out. There was a BBC show a few years back on Fox – it was about a NY cop who was working for the London police on an exchange program. He had this odd habit of picking match books everywhere and pinning them on a London map. It only ran here for a little while, but I thought it was great. The problem is, I can’t remember name of the show! Ring any bells?

  5. As for the Fox show — my intensive need to not let questions go unanswered led me to Google some of the keywords concerning the television show. Most likely match: Keen Eddie, now on DVD, according to IMDB. It was out in 2003, and we missed it due to grad school and having a kid, but we’re going to check it out — it had some great reviews.

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