A Conversation in the Car

Mom: Boy, it sure is raining hard.

Brandon: This is all Noah’s fault.

Mom: Noah’s fault? How is this Noah’s fault?

Brandon: Noah was a bad guy and so God made it rain.

Mom: I think you have your story wrong; Noah was the only good guy and God saved him in the Ark.

Brandon: Oh, yeah. I thought God was in the Ark.

Mom: Noah was in the Ark. God wasn’t in the Ark. You’re probably thinking about the Ark of the Covenant.

Matthew: Bark? Bark?

Mom: Not ‘bark,’ Matthew. ARK.

Matthew: Bark!

Mom: ARK. Like a boat. Sometimes a boat is called a barque.

Matthew: Bark!

Brandon: Really? Boats are called barques?

Matthew: Bark!

A barque:


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