Surprise! A Father’s Day Party

Our plan was this: on Saturday morning, Brandon, Matthew and I would wake up, fix a nice breakfast, tidy up the house and wake Chris up with muffins and cleanliness. Next to Godliness, you know. Muffins, that is.

Anyway, the plan was thwarted when Chris got up before we did. Curses! With the plan thwarted, we resorted to a back up plan: let Daddy do what he wants ’cause it’s Father’s Day weekend.

So we ate breakfast Saturday at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House. It’s a fine establishment where they have pancakes. Lots of families were there, eating pancakes. Then we went shopping for a little while.

There’s a huge department store going out of business at one of the malls, so we went looking for a deal on a rug. They were advertising 75% off everything — even selling the store fixtures! There were lots of rugs left — I found one I liked. However, the price, even with the 75% off, was way too much to spend on a rug in a household with a two year old and a decrepit dog.

(If you’re wondering, it was $1,000. I know! You could carpet the room for that! Even at 75% off, $250, I’d still think, “It’s a $1,000 rug and I’m going to let people walk on it? Are you mad?”) There was a huge rug hanging on the wall that was just beautiful, and why wouldn’t it be? It was only $40,000. We quickly decided we were in a store we couldn’t afford to be in, even with the 75% discount and beat a hasty retreat.

The rest of the day we spent at home, watching movies and playing games. It was very nice.

On Sunday, we came home from church and I fried shrimp and made crab cakes with a remoulade sauce. Very yummy. Then, of course, more relaxing.

Today, however, Brandon brought it to my attention that we did not have the party for Dad as we had planned. Chris works late on Monday nights, so it was the perfect time to stage the surprise since he would be home late. He had it all worked out — he’d tape a map to the front door, leaving clues around the house that pointed Dad from the front door, upstairs, through the rooms upstairs, and end in the kitchen, where we would be waiting for him with cake and presents. (Oh, the father’s day gifts I ordered didn’t arrive until today. Even more perfect!)

So I baked a cake. Chris got home early, but fortunately, I saw him drive in. Also fortunately, the neighbor’s 120 pound yellow lab, Max, was out roaming the neighborhood and distracted Chris from coming directly in the house by coming up for a pat on the nose. We sprinted into the kitchen, telling Matthew to be quiet — we’re going to have a party when Daddy finds us.

Of course, Matthew (aka Mr. Intensity) was super excited about a party. He kept saying (really loudly), “Party? We’re going to have a party? I want to party! I want cake! Party! PARTY! WHEN IS THE PARTY?” All the while, Chris was really trying to play along by following Brandon’s map and ignoring the obvious sign that WE ARE HAVING A PARTY IN THE KITCHEN. ALL OF US. EVEN MATTHEW. THERE WILL BE CAKE. WE’RE GOING TO PARTY.

Anyway, we had a party. Matthew decided that he does NOT like frosting. (So I’m doubting . . . his maternity? I’m not sure that’s the right terminology. I’m now doubting that he’s my kid.) He also recreated the scene in Madagascar where all the animals drink from their cups and spit out the salt water. Only he used MiMi Juice. The second time, I grabbed his cheeks pre-spit and warned him that if he ever did that again, I’d squeeze his little head off. Ok, I wasn’t that harsh, but I did catch him pre-spit and gave him a stern warning.

And Chris acted surprised at the whole thing, even the gifts I ordered him off Amazon using his account. Of course, Amazon notified him last week his book and Paul McCartney CD were shipping, but he acted surprised anyway.

Chris, you really are a great dad! Thanks for going along with everything this weekend and today!


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