A Recurring Theme

Yesterday I taught Brandon how to play Nertz. I thought it might help his concentration, because you really have to pay attention in order to win the game. However, this may backfire on me and lead him to Vegas, where he’ll gamble away all his money and have to run from big, scary guys who want to break his legs. I guess either way, it will increase his concentration.

So tonight, after church, Brandon wanted to play a quick game of Nertz. So we did, upstairs on the floor in the computer room. Matthew was with us, destroying sheets of tissue paper he found on the shelves behind us. Then, I heard the toilet flush in the bathroom. In a scene reminiscent of last night, Matthew ran back in the room and asked, “Where’s my sandal?”

Immediately red flags and fireworks began to go off in my head. Sandal? Elmo sandal? Last known location: bathroom floor. Bathroom? Toilet?

Then I asked the burning question: “Matthew, did you put your Elmo sandal in the toilet?”

Matthew responded, “Yes!” as if this was a great accomplishment.

Toilet Victim Tally:
Bathtime Blue
Elmo Sandal

I don’t know if I’m going to toss the Elmo sandal. It was not completely submerged. I could possibly put it in the washing machine with a bunch of detergent. I’m glad he’s interested in the potty, but this is not what I had in mind.


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