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Bob’s Sad Demise

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Blue’s Sad Demise here. Well, today, Bob met the same fate. This was Bob:

As you can tell, Bob was a Happy Meal toy. I’m not sure of his real name, but upon opening his Happy Meal several months ago, Matthew immediately christened this toy “Bob.” Brandon tried to correct him and tell him that the guy’s name was not Bob, but Matthew wouldn’t listen, therefore, Bob was born.

Today, however, Matthew entered the room asking, “Where’s Bob?” Brandon said, “Bob is on the floor.” Matthew replied, “No. Bob’s in the toilet.”

Sure enough, he was correct. We went to the bathroom and found Bob headfirst in the toilet, and we immediately called Dad to fish him out. Poor Bob. Bob is no more, due to the side effect of being in the toilet, which is eternal banishment from the house. Bob will be residing in a landfill nearby in the coming days.


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