We’re Baaaack!

And only one fatality! Unfortunately, on our way through Paxton, Florida, we hit a bird. A big, white bird. It was probably endangered. It was definitely stupid. We originally saw it on the side of the road, in a ditch. As we approached, it took off. At first, I thought it would easily clear the car and fly above us. However, it was rather slow and didn’t get the lift it needed. It was sideways when we hit it on the driver’s side windshield. Luckily, the windshield did not break. It did leave a white-ish imprint on the glass, which we cleaned off with the windshield wipers.

Too bad for the bird, but this event is keeping in tradition of bird murders while on vacation. Last year, on our way to Florida, we hit a pigeon. Horrified at our slaughter of innocent birds? Don’t be. We’re only proving that Spencer and Darwin were correct when they described “survival of the fittest.” It really happens, people. If the bird is stupid and eating roadkill in the middle of I-64, then it should die when it comes to car vs. bird. It keeps the gene pool from becoming too saturated with the dumb bird genes. Maybe it was just not physically fit enough to compete with a Volvo travelling 70 mph. Either way, it’s survival of the fittest. Darwin was on to something with the idea of natural selection.

Anyway, I’ll have more later. We took our camera, but I didn’t take any pictures at the beach. I was just too lazy. Fortunately, my sister is a wonderful photographer with a sharp camera, and I deemed her the Official Picture Taker of Vacation 2006. I did take a few while we were at the Civil Rights Museum in Montgomery, but I’ll post beach pictures when she sends me copies.


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