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They’re Cute for a Very Good Reason

Lately the nightly ritual has been:

8:30: Put boys to bed.

8:31: Kisses, hugs, last drinks of water.

8:32: Warning from Mom: It’s time to go to sleep. Do not get out of bed.

8:37: Matthew comes downstairs.

8:38: Mom carries Matthew back upstairs.

8:39: More kisses, more hugs, more warnings.

8:55: Matthew comes downstairs again.

8:56: Mom carries Matthew back upstairs. One kiss. Stern warning to go to bed. No talking. No getting up. I mean it.

9:17: Matthew, very quietly, comes downstairs.
9:17:02: Mom sees Matthew on stairs. Mom’s blood pressure reaches new high.
9:17:03: Matthew smiles his cute, wrinkled-up nose grin.
9:17:04: Mom’s blood pressure still up, but the grin . . . that nose . . . so cute . . .
9:17:25: Mom takes Matthew upstairs, puts him back in bed, tells him he’s lucky this time. Don’t get out of bed or else there will be physical ramifications.
9:17:30: One more wrinkled-nose grin.

9:20: Boys talking and laughing.

9:23: Another, last ditch threat from Mom: Stop talking NOW, go to sleep NOW.

9:35: Finally, peace and quiet.


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