Yellow Dress

I have this yellow dress, actually, it’s gold and it’s kind of an evening gown. Typically, I go for black formal wear, but the gold dress was actually a costume in a mystery dinner theater I participated in a few years ago. My character was a jazz singer from a 1920’s club as well as a murder suspect. I think I was actuallly the culprit, but I can’t remember.

Anyway, I still have this dress hanging in my closet with a graduation robe I never turned in and a couple of bridesmaid dresses that I’ll never wear again but don’t want to get rid of. Matthew has discovered it and has been mesmerized by the shiny cloth. For days since the discovery, he’s been wanting me to wear the yellow dress. Every morning, he runs to my closet and pulls on the fabric and looking so earnest, asks, “Yellow dress?” Tonight, however, he demanded I put it on. “Wear yellow dress now!” he shouted at the top of his very loud toddler voice. To humor him I attempted to just slide it on over what I was wearing — flannel pj bottoms and an Old Navy tee shirt from, oh, about 10 years ago.

Matthew did not like the resulting combination. He seems to have an eye for fashion. Right away I could tell that his senses had been offended when he clearly stated, “Take off the pants and shirt. Wear yellow dress now.” So I ducked in the bathroom and put the dress on properly. I returned to the room and Matthew stated, “Wear red socks.”

Now I started to get the feeling that I’m being manipulated. I think that this is just a game to see how much Mama will do. I’ve already put on the yellow dress just as he instructed. If I put on the red socks, the next thing he’ll probably ask for is the keys to the car and a credit card.

Needless to say, I’m now wearing red socks, but I’m back in my pj’s and Matthew is sound asleep in his bed. Hopefully the fascination with the yellow dress is over and I can go back to flannel pj bottoms and tee shirts. And if I show up somewhere in a gold evening gown and red socks, you’ll know I let my toddler dress me.


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