Well, we are in our “new” house. Here’s a picture:

We are become acquainted with all the idiosyncrasies of older homes. Like lack of electrical outlets. Each room has one outlet. The closets are very small. And some of the floors are a little sloped since the foundation has settled.

But it’s beginning to feel like home. The boys enjoy having their own rooms. Matthew is not only adjusting to the new house, but also a new bed — we’ve done away with the crib. It’s been a little rough adjustment to make, but he’s handling it well.

We’re all very tired and working hard to move out of the townhouse and into this house and continue to work at our normal paces this week (although I am taking Friday off). I also realized that this weekend is Easter and I’m not in the least bit prepared. Also, the boys seem to have outgrown their clothes overnight. Brandon needs new jeans and Matthew needs new summer clothes. So much to do!

Bear with us a little bit longer. New posts are on the way soon!


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  1. Hang in there! The house is really cute. It will all be worth it

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