Weekend Recap

This weekend has been very busy and slightly more exciting than the average weekend. Saturday we went to the STL Galleria and ate lunch at Chris’s new favorite place, California Pizza Kitchen. Afterwards, we strolled through the mall.

We walked by an “up” escalator just in time to witness an elderly woman fall backwards down the the escalator. Chris ran to the emergency stop button and pounded on it — it took about 4 hits before the escalator actually stopped. By that time, the poor woman was already about 2/3 of the way up to the next floor. Chris ran up the stairs and together with some other shoppers, helped her off the escalator.

I had Brandon and Matthew (in the stroller), so we just waited on the first floor for Chris to come back to us. Several minutes later, he came back down. The poor lady had hit her head on those stairs and had quite a gash on the back of her head. I imagine that she’ll be pretty bruised on her back from hitting those steps, as well.

In other news, we burned a pot of beans this weekend. Not on purpose, though. We thought we had put enough water in, unfortunately, we were wrong. It ruined dinner, but we were able to save the pot. The smell of the burned beans now permeates the house. I didn’t think it would be so strong, and not all the beans burned, but the smell has been really strong. Chris has washed all the rugs and window treatments, and I’ve wiped down the countertops and cabinet faces, but I can still smell it. I even thought I smelled it in my hair this morning. It’s actually better now, but we’ve had the windows open today.

I’ve been trying to help Matthew channel some of his energy and I’ve introduced him to yoga. Actually, he calls it “yogurt.” His favorite position is “downward dog” which looks like this:

But he calls it “downward Aggie” for some unknown reason. “Aggie” is his Uncle Brent’s boxer:

(This is Aggie and her buddy, Nomar, who are Uncle Brent’s and Aunt Wanda’s puppy dogs.)


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