200th Post: Extreme Random

Here’s some extremely random stuff:

I had turkey, wild rice and green beans for dinner.

I’m currently listening to INXS (the old stuff) on Napster. Next up: Allman Brothers, The Bangles, Shawn Colvin, Queen, and Paul Simon.

It was sleeting when I left work today.

Brandon sorted his toys today into three piles: give away, keep, throw away. The give away and throw away piles are the largest.

I do Sudoku every night.

Binki, AKA Moose, is lying on the floor, staring at me.

I’m re-reading Harry Potter. I’m on Book 2.

Binki is now standing and staring at me. If I don’t look at her, she’ll lay down.

Binki wants to go outside. Nature calls.


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