I Have Officially Checked Out

Today we woke up to 2″ of snow on the ground. The roads were fine, and really, 2″ of snow around here is nothing. People look at you funny if you think schools shut down or ask for a snow day. Slacker.

Anyway, having been raised in the deep south where 2″ of snow creates mass havoc and grocery store looting, I kind of wish for snow days once in a while. Even when there’s only 2″ of snow on the ground. But I went obediently off to work to read stacks of medical records and sit in depositions.

Then, about noon, I noticed that there were lights on in the new Busch Stadium. Not only lights, but THE SCOREBOARD. I can see the scoreboard from my desk. FROM MY DESK.

Now, those who know me probably would not guess that I enjoy baseball. True, I haven’t paid much attention to baseball in years past (except when I was dating Chris and I learned the entire Braves line up), however, STL is a baseball kind of town and I can see people enjoying the game from my office. And it looks like fun, so I want to go. I enjoy going to a game or two just for the atmosphere. And the food.

So, if I can see the scoreboard from my desk and all the people enjoying the sunny, warm afternoon games, I’m going to want to go. Just like I walk past the Famous-Barr (soon to be Macy’s) every day and want to go shopping. But I must resist. Work beckons.


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