This is the Part Where You Feel Free to Comment

We will be moving in a few days. Our “new” house (it was built in 1913, but I guess in the grand scheme of things, it’s still pretty young) is only a couple of miles from where we currently live. Needless to say, Chris and I are approaching this move differently. I’ll lay out our separate moving plans; feel free to add your comments/suggestions/admonitions about our differing moving strategies:


Wait until we actually get keys to the house; start loading things (probably the first things I see, working my way from room to room) neatly in the car/truck; drive them over to the house; put said things away; repeat.


Start packing things we don’t need in cardboard boxes prior to the move in date. Label said boxes. On move-in date use hand truck to load said boxes and additional furnishings into car/truck, move said boxes/furnishings to new house, place them in proper room, repeat.

So, Internet, if you’ve done this same thing before, please feel free to let us know which method works better.


4 Responses

  1. Melissa,

    Although I love you dearly, I have to go with my brother-in-law on this one. But what do I know we have only moved once!

    Your sister,

  2. I guess this is a prime example of how Chris & I approach life — I think we compliment each other with our differing views. He helps me plan things out; I help him . . . adjust to chaos? Well, maybe I don’t help him. I think he’s just gotten used to me. I have to possess some organizational skills; I got through many years of school and our kids are fed and clothed (for the most part). If we survived the last move, I’m sure we’ll manage this one.

  3. Melissa,

    It’s very apparent Chris learned much from his favorite father-in-law in the last move. Keep up the good work, Chris!


  4. I guess the consensus from my family is: I didn’t inherit the “packing” genes. Or even the “organization” genes. Even if dear brother Brian weighed in, I’d still probably lose.

    So, in an effort to “fit in,” I’ll pack at least one box tonight. Maybe two. But don’t get your hopes up.

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