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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Evidently, St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal here in STL. I have never lived in a town that celebrates so many different events. Last Saturday was a big St. Patrick’s Day parade, there is another one today, and lots of people are taking off to go to it. In fact, many attorneys will be taking a half day on St. Patty’s Day to go partake of the green beer. (Anywhere there is liquor or ale of any color, you’ll probably find a lawyer. Trust me.)

Restaurants are serving corned beef and cabbage, after receiving special permission from the Catholic church (since St. Patty’s day falls on a Friday during Lent), and they can’t eat meat on Fridays, except now, they have special permission. We’re going to have corned beef, too. However, I just read that the Irish really don’t eat corned beef that much. Also, shamrocks are just clover, which is found all over the world.

So really, there’s nothing special about Ireland when it comes to corned beef and shamrocks, I mean clover. Sure, they have St. Patrick and Ireland is gorgeous, (it’s one of the places I want to visit before I become infirm). But for what it’s worth, (other than St. Patrick), corned beef and clover are just regular things we’ve attached to a holiday — to an idea. And what exactly are we celebrating?

Since I’m terribly undereducated about the whole St. Patrick thing, here’s the Wikipedia entry. Now we can all be up to speed on the festivities.

Wherever you are in the world, hope you remembered to wear green. Otherwise, you may get pinched and have a possibility of a sexual harassment lawsuit. (What? I’m just sayin’ . . .) Maybe we should just keep our hands to ourselves today, what do you think? Happy STP!

Note: Having trouble with Blogger. Please accept my apologies if this post appears more than once.


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