A few of the blogs I read daily have recently mentioned baby shampoo and the wonderful smell of the top of a baby’s head. I have to agree that babies, properly maintained, smell oh, so wonderful.

If your nose has come anywhere close to the top of a baby’s head in the past quarter century, then you’ll realize there is nothing sweeter than the smell of its little head (provided, of course, said baby has not rubbed some weird or organic substance on its head, as my kids often do).

With this in mind, I feel that I must make a confession: I plan on washing Matthew in Baby Magic for as long as I can get away with it. I believe I can safely get away with this diabolical plan until he’s old enough to read. In fact, I did the same thing with Brandon. When he was 3 years old, I slipped up and mentioned the Baby Magic. He immediately refused to use the soap and in my panic to keep him smelling like a baby, I lied and told him it was big boy magic. Then I smelled the top of his head.


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