In My House Right Now . . .

There is nothing more frustrating than the following events, all happening simultaneously:

Matthew pouring the entire bag of dog food onto the kitchen floor in an attempt to feed the dog. The dog, hearing the sound of kibble hitting the floor, jumps up from her spot on the floor and gets her foot caught in a plastic shopping bag that Matthew was playing with (yes, I let my toddler play with a plastic bag – no emails, please) and drags the rustling bag across the floor, unable to get free from it. Brandon is chatting incessantly about something, but his words are being drowned out by the irritating sound of the rustling plastic bag.

As I attempt to stop the dog from moving, she interprets my tone to be menacing and suddenly my “Come here!” must translate into “run away from the crazy woman as fast as you can.” (While dragging the rustling plastic bag with her.) Matthew is contemplating tasting the dog food himself, as I see him with a fistful of kibble. I finally get the bag off the dog, the kibble away from the toddler and then have to clean up the mess of the dog food. Well, I cleaned up most of it. I left a little bit on the floor for the dog to eat.

Is it Friday yet?


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