It’s Friday! Finally!

I thought today would never get here. I spent the majority of the day reading the medical records of a 44 year old man who’s had EIGHT heart attacks since 2004 (not his on the job injury, by the way, just his unfortunate genetics and cholesterol levels).

I spent the other part of my day trying to figure out how to determine if I need to consider Medicare’s interest in one of my cases. I checked out their website so I can brush up on the whole Medicare thing. (I have no idea about Medicare since I don’t qualify yet and it probably won’t be around when I become eligible anyway and with the current state of things, I’ll have to go to some back alley “voo doo doctor” who offers discount prices as long as I don’t report him to the licensing board and I’ll have to get my medications from a guy named “Vinnie” who’s selling them out of the back of his rusted out 2012 Hyundai.)

Anyway, the website. It’s a government website, so I figured it would be at least kind of helpful in giving me some information or at least a starting point. It was horrible. Very little information that I found useful. The FAQ? Not helpful. Search? Didn’t recognize the phrase, “social security,” even when I put it in quotes. So frustrating. I am not looking forward to having to deal with the government this way. But I guess I could ask: When has the government been helpful lately?

Sorry for the slip into politics. And now for something completely different. To lighten the mood, here’s a random picture:

This is a picture of Brandon at Disney World when he was 4. Adorable, huh?


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