Happy Valentine’s Day! Or, Why Daycare Waited Until 4 pm for the Valentine’s Day Party

Yes. Today is Valentine’s Day. Both Brandon’s school and Matthew’s daycare sent home notes explaining that their parties would be held at the end of the day. In retaliation for loading our children up with chocolate, cakes and cookies right before we picked them up, I force fed them sugar this morning before school. I made them wash it down with maple syrup and red Kool-aid. Not really. But I did think about it.

Matthew had two lollipops and a piece of chocolate today. One of the lollipops met its demise in the carpet and got all fuzzy, which started a horrible, heart-breaking scene when I had to take it away and trash it. Hence, the second lollipop. He didn’t quite finish that one either, but we “saved it for later.” (Translation: I threw it away and now I hope he forgets about it.)

I’m not really terribly cynical about V-D (as one of the bailiffs I worked with called it), I’m just glad it’s over. I saw Easter decorations out in one of the stores out here. I’m just about holiday-ed out. I don’t even want to think about Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, or Easter. However, there are some holidays I might like to celebrate: National Find-A-Rainbow Day (my birthday), or National Goose Day. I plan to celebrate the following holidays: the day after my birthday is Tell-A-Lie Day, then April 7th is National No Housework Day (which is everyday at my house), April 13th is Blame Somebody Else Day and then top it off with April 30, National Honesty Day. So many holidays. So few paid vacation days.


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  1. Cute. Happy Valentine’s Day. Just passing by… 😉

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