Ow! My Spleen Hurts!

Chris has accused me of being a hypochondriac. Hence, the title of this post. However, I do not remember ever saying, “Ow! My spleen hurts.” And if I did, I’m sure I was just testing to see if he was listening.

Since we have a two year old walking Petri dish in the house, we’ve all had continuous colds this past winter. They (scientists) say that there are hundreds of cold viruses. I believe we’re now on number 112. It’s a particularly nasty one.

The other night at about 2 am, I was awakened (not by a child this time) by a sudden, sharp pain in my ear. I felt a stabbing pain and then pressure in my ear. I am positive my ear drum ruptured. I got up, went down stairs, took some Advil and some legally purchased and registered-for Sudafed. I then hopped on the internet and looked up “ruptured eardrum” on WebMD. It generally told me what happens when children’s ear drums rupture. I figured I’d live, so I checked my email and then went back to bed.

Just so you know, I did not wake Chris up to inform him I thought my ear drum ruptured. I’m tough. However, I would probably wake him up if my spleen started to hurt.


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