A+ Cell Phone Service

When we moved to St. Louis, we changed our cell phone plan to the company who advertises that they are constantly working on their reception (“Can you hear me now?”) which probably should have been a clue to go with another company. But, other members of my family had good experiences with them so we signed a contract.

My Dad (who should probably do private investigatory work on the side) left me a voice message on my cell phone WEEKS ago concerning a news article he found on a murder trial I assisted with almost two years ago. I got the message yesterday. All of the sudden yesterday, I had four voice mail messages on my phone. Usually, this is bad news — either Chris has had a major catastrophe or one of the kids are sick.

When I checked the messages, one was actually a current message and the other three had been floating around in cellular space for an indeterminate amount of time. Luckily, none of the messages concerned major catastrophes or major illness. But where do cell phone messages go while they are waiting to be delivered? In the case of my message from Dad, for WEEKS? Are they floating out in the atmosphere interfering with radio transmissions and airplane communication? Let’s hope not. I’d really be afraid to fly if someone’s message about socks on sale at Sears could hamper the pilot’s ability to communicate with ground control.


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