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Saving for College, Retirement and . . . Therapy

I realized tonight that we are really making it difficult for Brandon and Matthew to be normal. Especially their tastes in music. So far, we’ve been able to dominate their choices in music and subject to constant brainwashing. They’ve been exposed to the Beatles, the Eagles, Elton John, Billy Joel, Chicago, Earth, Wind and Fire, Tom Jones, and the Bee Gees. Brandon also likes the music from “O Brother Where Art Thou?” and “Chicago.”

Lest you think that we’re leaving out more contemporary artists, we’ve also introduced them to Alanis Morissette (the G-rated stuff), Counting Crows and the Backstreet Boys. Alright, WE don’t listen to the Backstreet Boys. I would not own a Backstreet Boys CD, even to use it as a coaster. My mother-in-law introduced him to them a few years ago. Long story.

We think we’re grounding the boys in good music. However, I can imagine that their musical tastes are not going to be the same as their co-horts. So, one day soon, they are probably going to turn their backs on the music we’ve enjoyed as a family and then they’ll inform us how uncool we are. I know we’re uncool. But we’re uncool together.

I also imagine that one day, one of them will be telling his therapist, ” . . . and they forced us to listen to the Bee Gees! The horror! I’ll never get ‘Stayin’ Alive’ out of my head!”


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  1. Let’s hope they don’t need a therapist!


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