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Adventures at the Titanic Exhibit

I really wanted to see the Titanic exhibit, which is now at the STL Science Center, and since Brandon and I were off today, I packed up the boys in the big red car and headed over to the Science Center. Even though we got there pretty early, it was already crowded with others who were taking advantage of the holiday. So, under the direction of the parking attendants, we parked a couple of lots away.

As I was pulling in to our assigned parking lot, an attendant waved me over to start a new row. He wanted me to back in, and he stepped behind the car to direct me. Unfortunately, I hit something. Fortunately, it was not the attendant. There was a very low bench lining the wall next to the parking spot, which I didn’t see and to which the parking attendant failed to alert me. I had turned the wheel so that the bench was wedged in the hubcap of the big red car. It wouldn’t go forward or backward. I tried to rock it, but to no avail.

The parking attendant was actually the VP of parking, or some type of management guy, and just out of chance, the VP of marketing was walking by on her way in to work. They were really apologetic (I didn’t even tell them I was an attorney) and offered to take care of the car while I took the boys inside.

We enjoyed going through the exhibit; Brandon especially enjoyed the actual iceberg part of the exhibit. They have a big iceberg shaped chunk of ice in the section where it describes the sinking. They also give you an actual person’s identity on a card prior to entering the exhibit. I was a first-class female passenger from Colorado, returning from a trip abroad. Brandon was a third-class male passenger from Hong Kong. At the end, you find out if you survived. We both did.

After we left the Titanic exhibit, we walked around the Science Center for a while. They have a huge T-Rex model, complete with moving parts and sound. Matthew did NOT like the dinosaur and wanted to leave. So we went back out and found the car moved off the bench, with only a little paint on the hubcap.

All in all, I would like to revisit the exhibit when I can spend more time reading the exhibits, when it’s less crowded, and when I haven’t damaged my car or other parking lot fixtures.


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