My New Year Goals

I know, I know, it’s time for “New Year’s Resolutions.” I have oh so many areas to choose from! Here are a few of my goals for the year. (Yes, I know they are kind of vague, but I’m not quite ready to share ALL my innermost thoughts with the internet. OK, maybe I could share with the internet, but there’s definitely stuff I don’t want my parents to read!)

1. Drastically cut down on the amount of Dr. Pepper (and other unhealthy drinks) I consume daily. To me, Dr. Pepper is the elixir of life. However, the elixir of life is adding poundage to my historically small frame. I refuse to buy bigger sizes, so I must cut down. Must . . . be . . . strong. . .

2. Inner peace. Yeah, I know, vague. I’m not quite sure what this means either, but after going through law school, my view of the cosmos is just really unbalanced. Good people suffer. Bad people prosper. Are “good people” really good? SOAPBOX WARNING: Pat Robertson calls for the assassination of the leader of Venezuela. He also tells people not to call on God for help if they don’t approve intelligent design. He offers up San Francisco to terrorists. He’s a good man? I don’t think so. Maybe I’m just struggling with how righteous is too righteous, if you know what I mean. Anyway, inner peace.

3. Household organization. (At this point, my husband scoffs and leans back in his chair to daydream of how awesome that would be. He suddenly realizes that this is nothing but a pipe dream and is snapped back into reality.) I did not inherit any anti-clutter genes from anyone in my family. It was pretty evident early on, wasn’t it, Mom & Dad? This year I strive to be better: clothes put away, mail sorted and trashed as needed, toys stored in lovely bins I will purchase soon. (I give this goal an anticipated survival time of three days.)

4. Healthy eating! Yea! Cut down on carbs and fat. More veggies and fruit. That means you, too, Chris. Soup is yummy, soup is yummy . . . Especially with seven grain whole wheat rolls!

So there you have it. A few of my goals for the new year. Hopefully, this time next year, I’ll be re-reading this post and saying “Well, what do you know? I’ve made a significant effort towards all of those goals. I think I’ll have a Dr. Pepper.”


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  1. Don’t touch that Dr. Pepper!


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