Christmas 2005

Here are just a few tidbits of our Christmas trip to Texas:

1. Matthew got a battery-powered four wheeler to ride. He instantly figured out how to drive, steer and put it in reverse. Watch out!

2. While visiting Chris’s older brother’s house, Matthew discovered “reindeer” in the study. He was very excited. (Mike is a hunter and had several deer on the wall.)

3. Also at Mike’s house, Matthew scolded the cattle for pooping in the field.

4. While taking a ride on his Uncle Roger’s golf cart, Brandon informed his Aunt Wanda that “safety is for losers.”

5. The kids enjoyed all their presents and spending time with family. Brandon is already attempting to arrange his “summer schedule” so that he can visit all of his family all over the country. Now that he’s an experienced solo flyer, he thinks he can freely move about the country. (Brandon flew by himself to Houston this summer on a direct flight, as per airline regulations. I was a nervous wreck.)

Photos will be on Flickr soon. Check out our angelic nephew, Cullen in the pictures. He is adorable! Hope everyone had a great holiday season!


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