Weather Alert

One noticable difference between St. Louis and Oklahoma is the lack of excitement about the weather forecast. We’re expecting 2 – 4″ of snow overnight, and if you were in Oklahoma, that would be the major story at the beginning of the news forecast. And the middle. And during the traditional “weather segment.” And a recap at the end. For all the newscasts — the 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00. And special updates during the entire prime time broadcast. And with a nifty little map in the corner of the television screen, depicting the forthcoming storm.

See, in Oklahoma, weather is an event. The meterologists are stars. Everyone knows who Gary England is, and if he attaches his name to something, it’s golden. Gary broadcasts through winter ice storms, snow, thunderstorms, tornadoes . . . he’s there, with his trusty sidekick and storm spotter, Val. If there’s severe weather, they pre-empt the television shows and put Gary on. Nonstop.

Here in St. Louis, people are more laid back about the weather. Snow? Cold? Yeah, it happens. Nothing to get excited about. No special weather forecast. No main story on the news station webpages, even. Not even talk about school closings. Obviously, 2 – 4″ of snow is no biggie here.

Of course snow is a big deal to me. (I grew up in the deep south, so we didn’t see much snow. And if it did snow, the world came to a screeching halt and no one went anywhere.) I’m wondering about going to work tomorrow, should I send the kids to school, are we going to lose power and will I have to cook on the gas logs? I DON’T KNOW! I DON’T FEEL PREPARED!! Gary England is not telling me what’s going to happen. I can’t get any answers from these people!!! They don’t seem to care that the world will be icy and cold tomorrow morning. St. Louis: I need more weather information!


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  1. Melissa, I’ve had to bookmark your site because I can relate to you so much. My kids are 5 & 8 but have gone through the exact same experiences you are going through!! So funny.

    About the weather. I’m originally from Oregon where it’s always raining, freezing rain, and snow. I’ve lived in L.A. now for about 20 years. Our forecasts are like this, hot and sunny, hot and sunny etc.etc. In the summer they try to vary with some different vocabulary. I don’t know, hotter, or little breeze. Usually they just give warnings of the “air quality”. This week it’s pretty cold for L.A. people as it’s 68-70. So some days will say, “a little cloud” One day actually said “Showers?” with a question mark. When it got closer to day 5 they took away the question mark.
    Now when it rains here, it’s the main topic on the news. It’s usually called “Winter Storm 05” or “Stormwatch 05”. They consider serious rain here a storm. Then the whole newscast is about rain in different parts of L.A., all the road crashes on the freeway (always the first rain of the season causes lots of crashes because the oil mixes w/water so count on traffic jams) and all the overflows because nothing drains right around here. And did you notice they always go to the same places and it’s the same shots of the same creeks? Like, fix the problem all ready. If it snowed here, I’m sure people would stay home. They would NOT drive in it. It would be shutdown city.

    It’s funny how people change once they get here.
    Now the people across the street that moved here from Chicago think 68 is way tooo cold!!

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