The Criminal Mind Starts Early

Matthew has displayed some troubling behaviors lately; ones I hope are only manifestations of his current developmental stage. He’s two years old: the demon child stage. (Only slightly less trying than full blown teen angst stage and pre-teen dementia.)

When he is caught with an object he’s not supposed to have, he runs. If I run after him, and it appears that I will catch him, he tosses the object in the hopes that I’ll divert my attention from him to the object. Not unlike those people we see on “Cops” running from police and ditching their stash as they flee.

Another troubling act just happened today. I forgot to fasten the child lock on the under-the-sink cabinets in the kitchen, you know, where everyone keeps their cleaners, trash bags and other items hazardous to small children. Matthew opened the cabinet and grabbed the floor cleaner and proceeded to douse the cabinet and floor as if using lighter fluid. I swear if he had a match, he’d try to set the house ablaze with Method French Lavender Floor Cleaner.


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