The Pre-Laundry Pat Down

This weekend, a purple crayon ended up in our laundry. The crayon survived the washing machine, but the heat of the dryer was too much for its waxy genetics. It retaliated by smearing purple streaks on the inside of my dryer and ALL OVER MY FAVORITE SET OF WHITE SHEETS. (Yes, the sheets with the 1-billion thread count; the ones that make you purr when you slide into them.)

I bought a stain remover that said it could remove crayon. It can’t. I’m tempted to dye the sheets purple and keep them anyway.

I’m going to have to start frisking the kids when they come home. Don’t worry; it’s not a constitutional violation if I suspect they’re up to no good.


One Response

  1. Just had the same experience with the blue crayon in the red load. Had to just throw several things away. I tried 4 or 5 different things but nothing worked. The color does eventually fade some. Bummer, eh

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