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The Blue Sheep of the Family

With Thanksgiving fast approaching and my absence from the family gatherings, I thought I’d give them all something to talk about. I’m coming out of the closet. Yes, I am a Democrat.

I’m sorry, Mom and Dad. I should have told you sooner. Maybe you picked up on some of the tell-tale signs over the years: the conspicuous absence of a “W” sticker on my car, the Sierra Club magazines around the house, the political rants here and there.

I know you raised me to be a good Republican, but I just can’t do it any more. For years I denied my political leanings by registering as an “independent;” trying to mask my democratic tendencies with an “I just don’t want to be bothered for campaign contributions” reason to be an independent.

So as you’re discussing this dreadful turn of events ’round the Thanksgiving table, I’ll give you several things at which to point the blame: law school, moving out west, marrying that guy. Take your pick. They actually all had something to do with it, but most of all, you can blame me.

I’ve become disillusioned with the leadership in this country. I look at our leaders (on both sides of the aisle) and think, “Is this the best and brightest of our country? Is this all we have to offer? Where are the scholars? Where are the statesmen of old?” Can you honestly tell me that George W. is the best person for this job? I don’t think so.

So, as you’re enjoying your sweet potato souffle’ and turkey and awesomely yummy cakes from my Grandmother, please understand that I still love all of you, even though I’m a Democrat.


2 Responses

  1. Perhaps you are disillusioned because of the environment created today by the citizens in our country. I, too, ask “where are the statesmen, the scholars of old?” But, if those are to be found, would it make a difference, noting the typical demeanors and personalities of our “upright” American citizens today? I ask “where is the ‘home of the brave, the true, and the free’? Where is honesty in this country? The only way to make change is from within. It starts at home. Make sure that yours can be counted among the best, and that the ideals of honesty, truth, and love of God are all manifested and exhibited in everything you do. Expect only the best from your children, and only give the best to others.

    I love you all very much, and its always been my prayer that you would grow into a wonderful, upright, and honest citizen here, and most importantly, in God’s kingdom.

    I love you,


  2. Your blog is funny. I can relate to it so much. I’m “green party” so I get all sorts of flak. I also have 2 kids and crack up at the same things that have happened to me. I live in suburbia with tons of moms and craziness. The only difference is I have one girl and one boy. A little more screaming going on. If you know what I mean.

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