For our Oklahoma friends, I just have to tell them that we’ve found an alternative to Braum’s here in St. Louis. (And if you’re not from Oklahoma: Braum’s is a chain of dairy stores that sells ice cream, milk, burgers, chili . . . kind of like a down home Dairy Queen.) It’s called Oberweis and they have dairy stores around the area. They sell ice cream, milk and other dairy products, but no burgers and chili like Oklahoma’s Braum’s.

Chris has fallen in love with their cinnamon ice cream, which is only available this time of year. He says it’s better than Marble Slab. The milk is pretty good, too; it comes in glass jars and they have pretty high standards for their milk. Thankfully, you can get it in the grocery stores here, without having to make a separate trip.

Oberweis will even deliver milk products to your house. I know! Just like back in the day. You set this cooler on your porch and the Oberweis man delivers milk, cheese and eggs to your house. Now we haven’t tried that service yet because 1) our milk would probably be taken by someone passing through the area and 2) they charge you an extra $2.50 to deliver every week. (That’s the cost of a gallon of milk or 3/4 a bowl of French Onion Soup at Bread Co.!)



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