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100th Post

Well, this is my 100th post. To tell you the truth, I never thought I’d stick with it. I tend to want to do stuff for the novelty of it and then my attention to starts to rapidly disintegrate. Examples? I have plenty: sewing, crosstitching, painting, drawing, decorating the house, exercise, dieting, cooking, and the list goes on and on . . .

All week I pondered what to write about for my 100th post. Something poignant? Funny? Heart-wrenchingly honest? A tear-jerker, perhaps? A list, maybe, of my favorite things? Things you didn’t know about me? Too much work.

Sadly, I’m struck with a severe case of writer’s block on this momentous occasion. Terribly sorry that this post is kind of, well, “blah,” but quite frankly, my brain is functioning solely on autopilot right now. I’m fixing to go to bed and see if some brain synapses will regenerate and begin to fire once again, but I’m sure they’ll be on the brink of repair tomorrow morning at precisely the same time that Matthew wakes up. (It’s SATURDAY, Matthew. You can sleep in. REALLY.)

You may wonder why my brain cells are rapidly disintegrating. No, I’m not drinking them away. It’s because of the following conversation that I have with our 2-year-old EVERY DAY:

Matthew: I want juice.
Mama: You want some apple juice?
Matthew: Yes. Juice.
Mama opens the fridge.
Matthew: Milk. Juice.
Mama: Which one do you want?
Matthew: Juice. Milk.
Mama: This one? (Pointing to the juice.)
Matthew: Yes. Milk.
Mama: No, Matthew. That’s milk. Do you want milk?
Matthew: Yes. Juice.
Mama: OK. Which one?
Matthew: Juice. Milk.
Grabbing the juice.Mama: I’m fixing juice.
Matthew: NO! I want juice!
Mama: Yes, Matthew, juice.
Matthew: (Melting into a pile on the floor.) NO!
Mama: OK, then, milk?
Matthew: I want juice.



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