The Proper Way to Eat Candy Corn

I can only eat candy corn this way:

Color by color.

That means, on a tri-color candy corn, there are two bites: Bite off the white tip. Bite off the orange middle. You’re left with the yellow base.

I’ve found that I am incapable of eating candy corn any other way. I can start from either end; it doesn’t matter. I just have to eat the candy corn color by color. Occasionally, you find a “special” candy corn that is just orange or only has two colors. I still have to eat them by color.


3 Responses

  1. How is it then, do you eat peanut butter cups?


  2. This is the only way to eat candy corn.

  3. I inhale peanut butter cups, because if you take too long eating them, they start to melt.

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