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Warning: Another Soapbox

What? Bush has nominated someone with NO JUDICIAL EXPERIENCE to the Supreme Court? I’m glad she’s female, but really, she has NO JUDICIAL EXPERIENCE whatsoever. Did I mention NO JUDICIAL EXPERIENCE? Is this going to be like “Brownie” who was another Texas buddy who had NO EXPERIENCE as well? Did Katrina not teach Bush anything about hiring friends for important positions?

I guess not.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard, maybe she will be an excellent Justice. Maybe the fact that she has no experience will work for her. I don’t know. It just seems that in a position like Supreme Court Justice, one would look for an incumbent with some experience, a history of rulings, their own set of robes, maybe. Maybe I’m just jealous that I didn’t apply for the job. I don’t have any judicial experience, either, you know. However, I’m not from Texas, and I’m not a friend of the President, so I don’t qualify.

I’m sure that the nominee is very well respected, but I just have tremendous questions about the thought process our leaders went through to arrive at this decision. With very little information other than “she’s from Texas,” “she did very well as a partner in one of the largest firms in Texas,” and “she was president of the Texas Bar Association,” how does one fit that into the very important position of Supreme Court Justice?

Soapbox. I warned you.


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