Driving Mama Crazy

One day with Matthew:

1. Matthew knows how to unlock the locks on the front door. Bye, Matthew!
2. Matthew knows how to turn the computer off when I’m working on it.
3. Matthew ate something he found in the kitchen.
4. It was crunchy.
5. Matthew cried when we picked up his giant birthday Elmo cookie because he wanted to eat it.
6. He cried all the way home.
7. He cried when we got home.
8. He cried when I tried to placate him with another, less inferior cookie than the giant Elmo cookie.
9. He comforted himself by watching Elmo and eating a piece of gum.
10. Matthew runs with scissors.
11. He likes to draw on himself.
12. Matthew likes to try to slide down the tub, narrowly missing hitting his head on the faucet each time.
13. We have a $100 Emergency Room co-pay.


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